Angel Rodriguez is ‘The Salsa Guy” in Richmond, VA.

salsa guy

The Salsa Guy offers  the following services which can be customized for any of your events:

  1. Latin dancing includes:
    1. Salsa
    2. Salsa Rueda
    3. Bachata
    4. Bachata Rueda
    5. Merengue
    6. Various Puerto Rican Folk Dances
    7. Swing
    8. Smooth dances
    9. Ballroom
    10. Argentine Tango
  2. Dance Performances for:
    1. Salsa Rueda
    2. Bachata Rueda
    3. Merengue Rueda
    4. Various Puerto Rican Folk Dances
  3. Sound Systems
  4. DJ Services
Dance Groups & Performers


During the instruction or performance the Salsas Guy gives an explanation of the dance.  The participants learn history, cultural background of the dance and country (customs, and social behavior of a society at the time) the difference between dances, how to dance by learning to lead and follow in the dance.

Rest at-ease knowing that the Salsa Guy is  fully insured and that it will be his pleasure to have you as one of his customers.

See you on the dance floor,

Angel A. Rodriguez Serrano

The Salsa Guy

Salsa Guy Richmond

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“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham