Mavalerio and Fernando Bettin

mavalerio 2I am Fernando Bettin and I am Chief Operational Officer of Mavalerio USA. We are a family owned  Brazil based company that works with chocolate sprinkles and sugar toppings for over 35 years! Four years ago we decided to come closer to our North American clients and set up a manufacturing facility in Ashland, VA.

Starting up was not easy. At all. GRPVA helped us network our way through the system but it took time and effort for us to fully understand how the US market operates and how different our North American company’s culture would be from the Brazilian one.

For 2019 we hope to continue our growth and to improve our network relationships, and we are hopeful RVA Amigos will be an important platform for that.

Mavalerio USA Inc.

Fernando Bettin

11990 North Lakeridge Parkway

Ashland, VA 23005

804 752 7502