Photographer- Tatiana Colla

tatianaMy name is Tatiana and I am your Photographer.

It’s a pleasure to be with you in this new network hub I am helping develop, and I hope this platform brings you not only enjoyment to scroll and read but also great business opportunities, partnerships and ideas!

Writing has been my passion since I can remember! As a child I would role play to be a writer and ended up becoming a Language Teacher!

Since passion is my middle name, life has given me other passions as well, traveling and photography. I was lucky enough to work as a Flight Attendant through my 20’s and as a Photographer in my late 30, which I still do with all my heart and soul.

Now here I am, teamed up with RVA Amigos to bring you some amazing content that is relevant to our Latino community of businesswomen and businessmen! And if you are not Latino, worry not: Our doors and hearts are open to make this a multi-cultural hub of people who are willing to be together in order to grow and cooperate. Ultimately, one of my other passions (too many passions in one woman, I know, but I’m Latina, don’t blame me…): getting people together!

Welcome to RVA Amigos.

Tatiana Colla